Seoul Tour Guide: 10 Essential Attractions Included

The Hidden Gems of Seoul: An Introduction

Your journey through South Korea’s heartbeat starts here with our all-inclusive Seoul Tour Guide. Here, modern blends seamlessly with historical, with modern skyscrapers sharing the skyline with age old palaces, and bustling markets living in harmony with avant-garde fashion stores.

Laying the Groundwork: Useful Details

Before we explore the must-see spots, let’s discuss some essential information to enhance your trip.

  • Visa Formalities: Research on your country’s visa agreements with South Korea. Most nations enjoy visa-free travel for a fixed period.
  • Monetary Unit: The Korean Won (KRW) is the national currency. Ensure you have access to ATMs!
  • Climate: Be prepared for hot summers and cold winters. Always keep in mind the weather conditions before planning your trip.

Journey Through Time: Seoul’s Prime Historical Landmarks

We take you back in time next on our Seoul Tour Guide.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace, an emblem of the Joseon Dynasty is an absolute must-see. Don’t miss the majestic Gwanghwamun Gate, the grandeur of the throne room, known as Geunjeongjeon, and the serene Hyangwonjeong Pavilion.

Changdeokgung Palace

This UNESCO World Heritage site boasts of a confidential garden, Huwon, adorned with exquisite pavilions, lotus ponds, and a variety of over 26,000 species of flora.

Seoul City Wall

Ensure you take a stroll along the Seoul City Wall, a silent guardian of Seoul’s history. It’s four primary mountain trails offer spectacular views of the cityscape. Want to know more about this ancient wall? Visit Wikipedia.

Contemporary Marvels: Modern Elements of Seoul

Let’s explore Seoul’s modern side next.

N Seoul Tower

The N Seoul Tower offers you the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic vistas of the energetic city round the clock.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a city landmark that houses art spaces and fashion showcases. Its integration of architecture and technology is striking.

Seoul Tour Guide

Hangang River

The Hangang River, the vital artery of Seoul, is perfect for picnicking, biking, or simply strolling along the scenic banks. Alternatively, take a cruise to marvel at the picturesque views that this river has to offer.

Culinary Seoul: A Foodie’s Paradise

Ready your taste buds for Seoul’s culinary world.

Gwangjang Market

With an array of food stalls, Gwangjang Market serves delicacies ranging from mung-bean pancakes (Bindaetteok) to live octopus (Sannakji). How’s that for a foodie’s adventure?

Hangari Sotbap

Visit Hangari Sotbap for a real Korean treat. Enjoy Hansik, traditional Korean delicacies, in an ambiance reminiscent of the bygone era.

Retail Hotspots: Shopping Galore in Seoul


Myeongdong is the prime shopping neighborhood in Seoul: a nirvana for skincare fanatic and fashion lovers.


If traditional Korean arts and crafts are more your style, head to Insadong. It offers everything from beautiful Hanbok (traditional Korean attire) to handcrafted pottery and artwork.

After Hours: Seoul Night-life


In Gangnam, you can bounce to thumping music at world-class clubs, tailed by relaxing late-night meal at nearby diners.


Hongdae is renowned for its vibrant and youthful night-life: live music, karaoke lounges, and magical night markets.

Final Thoughts: Capturing the Essence of Seoul

Seoul, the city where past and present blend effortlessly and contemporary existence meshes with tradition, awaits you. With this all-inclusive Seoul Tour Guide, unearth the infinite allure of this culturally rich city, creating lasting memories.

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