Southern Cross Travel Insurance: A Comprehensive Review

Southern Cross Travel Insurance: A Comprehensive Review


In the world of travel insurance, the name Southern Cross Travel Insurance stands tall. As a trusted provider in the insurance industry, they have carved a niche for themselves by offering top-notch coverages and excellent customer service. But just how good is Southern Cross? This comprehensive review seeks to answer that question and more.

Who is Southern Cross Travel Insurance?

Southern Cross Travel Insurance is a globally recognized provider of travel insurance. Established over three decades ago, the company has built a reputation for offering extensive coverage options to travelers worldwide. Their policies are designed to cater to various travel needs, whether you are embarking on a short business trip or a long leisure vacation.

What Does Southern Cross Travel Insurance Offer?

Wide Range of Coverages

Southern Cross offers a wide range of coverages to meet different travel needs. These include:

  1. Medical and Emergency Services: Southern Cross provides comprehensive medical coverage, including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

  2. Trip Cancellation and Interruption: This coverage offers financial protection in case of unexpected trip cancellations or interruptions due to covered reasons.

  3. Baggage and Personal Belongings: Southern Cross insures your luggage and personal property against loss, theft, or damage.

  4. Travel Delay: This coverage reimburses additional accommodation and meal expenses incurred due to covered travel delays.

Affordable Premiums

Southern Cross is known for its affordable premiums. Their pricing model considers various factors like the traveler’s age, destination, and duration of the trip. This flexibility allows customers to find a plan that fits their budget.

Efficient Claim Process

The company prides itself on having an efficient and straightforward claim process. The claim form is easily accessible online, and the process is expedited by their dedicated claims team.

Customer Service

Southern Cross places a strong emphasis on customer service. They have a dedicated team of professionals available 24/7 to assist customers with their queries, claims, and overall policy management.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance Reviews: What are Customers Saying?

Customer reviews are paramount when considering any product or service. For Southern Cross, the majority of their customers express high levels of satisfaction. Here are some common themes from Southern Cross travel insurance reviews:

  1. Reliable: Customers appreciate Southern Cross’s reliability, especially during emergencies. The prompt response and assistance during crises have earned the company a good reputation among its users.

  2. Affordable: Many customers mention the affordability of Southern Cross’s policies. The competitive pricing, coupled with the broad coverage, provides excellent value for money.

  3. Customer Service: Southern Cross’s customer service is often praised in reviews. Customers appreciate the courteous and efficient service provided by their representatives.


Overall, Southern Cross Travel Insurance is a reputable provider that offers wide-ranging coverages at competitive rates. Their efficient claim process and exceptional customer service further enhance their appeal. While it’s important to consider individual travel needs and circumstances, Southern Cross is undoubtedly a strong contender in the travel insurance market.

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