Top 7 Amtrak Cross-Country Routes: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Discovering Amtrak’s Cross-Country Routes

As America’s leading railway service, Amtrak takes great pride in connecting the vast expanse of our magnificent nation. Specifically, our Amtrak cross-country routes provide a picturesque showcase of the United States, stretching from the lively eastern cities to the tranquil western landscapes.

Amtrak cross-country routes

The Coast Starlight: A Journey from Seattle to Los Angeles

The Coast Starlight journey, arguably our most visually captivating route, stretches from Seattle to Los Angeles, offering an unmissable view of the Pacific coastline. Starting from the Emerald City, travelers journey through Portland, Sacramento, and Santa Barbara before their arrival in the City of Angels.

The Empire Builder: Connecting Chicago to Seattle/Portland

The Empire Builder is another noteworthy route. Starting from Chicago, this journey provides an opportunity to explore America’s untouched heartland. It offers a mix of urban and rural vistas, passing through major hubs like Milwaukee and Minneapolis as well as the untouched wilderness of Montana and North Dakota.

The Southwest Chief: The Historic Route from Chicago to Los Angeles

The Southwest Chief provides a unique blend of history and culture. This journey starts in Chicago and meanders through the American Southwest, stopping at historic towns such as Santa Fe and Albuquerque before culminating in Los Angeles. This route is an immersion into the rich Native American and Spanish heritage.

The California Zephyr: The Scenic Route from Chicago to San Francisco

The California Zephyr, often celebrated as one of North America’s most picturesque train rides, traverses the diverse landscapes of the American Midwest and West. This journey takes passengers from the towering skyscrapers of Chicago through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and finally to California’s Bay Area.

The Crescent: From New York to New Orleans

The Crescent introduces travelers to Southern charm. This journey whisks passengers away from New York City’s hustle and bustle to the soulful beats of New Orleans, with stops at historically rich cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Birmingham.

We also feature other significant routes like The Capitol Limited (Washington D.C to Chicago), The Lake Shore Limited (New York/Boston to Chicago), The Silver Service (New York to Miami) and The Cardinal (New York to Chicago). Each journey offers a unique view of America’s vast landscapes and rich culture. For more on planning multi-stop trips, check out our essential insights effective multi stop trip planner.

Final Thoughts

Our Amtrak cross-country routes are not merely a means of transportation. They offer an opportunity to explore America in all its diverse glory. With Amtrak, passengers can sit back, unwind, and witness the stunning array of landscapes and energetic cities that define this great nation. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or making your first cross-country trip, Amtrak has a route to satisfy your wanderlust.

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