Ultimate Guide to Planning a Perfect Trip Out West


Embracing the sheer beauty of the grand Rockies, basking in the heat of the deserts, or indulging in the Pacific coastline’s laid-back lifestyle, planning a trip out west is invariably an alluring dream for many travelers. However, such an undertaking can be daunting if unprepared. The breadth of the exhilarating experiences that await you can be overwhelming, but this comprehensive guide aims to make your planning process as seamless as possible. So, let’s embark on a journey to our revered emblem of frontier history.

Planning Stage: Crafting an Exceptional Itinerary

  1. Destinations at a Glance

Planning a trip out west can introduce you to a world of iconic landmarks, national parks, vibrant cities, and distinct culinary experiences. Cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas offer diverse cultural and urban adventures while Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite National Park boast of majestic natural splendors.

  1. Length of Stay

The duration of your trip plays a pivotal role in determining which destinations to incorporate. A week-long trip may allow you to visit one or two major cities paired with a quick essence of the national parks. However, a two-week or longer trip would permit a more enriching exploration.

  1. Routes and Itineraries

If you herald from the East Coast, consider an epic cross-country road trip featuring historic Route 66. However, if time-bound, opt for a distinct region-specific itinerary focusing solely on the Pacific Coast, Rockies, or the Southwest.

Transportation: Making the Most Out of Your Journey

  1. Choosing Your Ride

The vastness of the western landscape calls for a robust and reliable vehicle. You may want to contemplate the comfort of an RV or the flexibility of a rental car, based on the size of your travel group and the routes you’re considering.

  1. Gas and Maintenance

Ensure to earmark a budget for petrol, particularly if you’re taking longer, more rural routes or driving gas-consuming vehicles like an RV.

Accommodation: Ensuring Your Comfort

From glamorous hotel chains in cities to rustic lodges in national parks or even campgrounds for the adventurous, the West offers a wide variety of accommodations. Prioritizing factors such as location, budget, and amenities can significantly drive your choices.

Must-Visit Attractions: Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

  1. National Parks

Each national park in the West holds unique allure. Witness geysers bursting at Yellowstone, hike amongst giant sequoia trees at Yosemite or marvel at sculptured canyons in the Grand Canyon.

  1. Cities and Towns

Intriguing attractions extend beyond the realm of nature. Vibrant cities such as Las Vegas enthrall with their nightlife, while bohemian havens like Portland offer a cultural smorgasbord.

Food and Drink: Tasting the Western Delights

Indulge your palate with a variety of culinary delights trailing from the Pacific Ocean’s fresh seafood to Texas’s renowned barbecues. Craft beer lovers can follow the beer trail in Oregon and California, while wine connoisseurs can explore the world-famous vineyards in Napa Valley.


Delve into the soul of America by planning a trip out west, where diverse landscapes and cultural experiences await your discovery. The journey might seem daunting, but with detailed planning and anticipation of what to expect, the American West’s charm will unfold in an overwhelming narrative.

Remember, every good trip begins with a thorough planning stage, during which you outline the fine details of your journey. By considering these factors and allowing room for spontaneous adventure during your trip out west, you’re on the ideal path to creating lasting memories in these lands of extraordinary grandeur.

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